Words, not even pictures can enable one to grasp what Jehovah has intrusted me with. I do not boast in what I have received, no not at all, it is the process that is overwheling to me. On December 2013 Jehovah God recorded in my mind and heart the thought to take the leather to the limit. With my literal child like mind I started collecting leather coat, jackets, pants and skirt from Goodwill and thrift shops. Whenever I went out looking for leather I found an abundance priced at an unbeliever low price

"Daring to Push the Boundaries of Creativity feeling that permission and approval must be sought before deciding how to create something." This has been my challenge for as long as I can remember. At the early age of five and six I was forced to play with cousins and friends when all I wanted to do was to play with my paper people and imagine that I was one of them.

My creative imagination prevented me from fitting in. I knew I was different but to me that was not a bad thing. When I was seven years old my grandmother sent me off to school. I hated school and hated my grandmother for forcing me to get on the school bus. She with her switch in hand marched me right up to the school bus door and give me a rap when I wouldn't get on the bus. When the school bus stopped to pick up the next child I would jump off the bus. The bus driver was given permission to keep me on the bus.

I never learn to conform and did not fit in. This was fine with me until I got married and was forced to become religious with my husband. I was shown from the Bible that God's name is Jehovah and that I could have a personal relationship with this God who's name is Jehovah and that I could actually be friends with this God name Jehovah. The only human being I wanted to be with was my grandfather. He died when I was fifteen and I never knew another human being I wanted to be with.

I really wanted to be with this God Jehovah! I wanted to be with Jehovah so desperately that I waited for 23 long years for Him to draw me into His presence. This was when I was 43 years old. At this moment I am 73 years old. Once Jehovah drew me to Him I have documented most of what He wrote upon my heart and mind. I knew I could not remember all that He put into my heart and mind by means of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

For 53 years the below is what I have lived for.

Show me the details of what you want me to do
Please quite my disturbed mind
Separate for me the false from the true
Please God I need you to tell me what to do
Quiet my mind from thinking about that which is not your plan for me
Give me your peace, so that my soul can rest
Take away the many opinions of others so that you can speak in my ear
I will never be complete until I know all that you want me to do
Thanks for telling me that Jesus will judge me
such information from you is so dear
I kneel before you naked and unashamed
Because with you I know it is impossible to play games
Show me! Enlighten me! Open my eyes to see what you want me to see
Show me the path you have chosen for me


First I make no plans. I just wait until I am inspired by Jehovah's Holy Spirit then I start collecting supplies. This page is an example. On December 19, 2013 Jehovah put into my mind and heart to start working with leather and told me to take the leather to the limit

After collecting the supplies I surrender my mind to my God given
Creative Imagination and find myself in awe
with that which I have allowed myself to receive
It is a progressive process in which I delight in.

I thought that I had taken the leather to its limit in the below gifts

By trying to take the leather to the limit I came to realize that there is no limit to the Creative Imagination. I have not gone beyond my works with leather but I can't stop or turn off my creative imagination.