For forty years God has taken me many places
I “served” Him to the best of my human ability
I was but a babe when I sat out to be of service to God
I worked hard for God until I became old and tired
Because I couldn’t be of service to God any more
I started to feel guilty and thought I would do so until the day I died

Then one day God taken me on a field trip, just Him and I
God told me to look for “Little Things” that I had stored away
While on a field trip with God I found so many “Little Things”
I couldn’t put them all on display
They were “Little Things” but they made me feel good inside

I had forgotten all the “Little Things” that over the years I had stored away
because they were insignificant and no one seemed to be impressed
with the “Little Things” I found while on a field trip with God
I realized that I couldn’t impress anyone with my “Little Things”
Sadly I put my “Little Things” away

“LITTLE THINGS” that I have stored away
“LITTLE THINGS” that I never thought to display
“LITTLE THINGS” that gives my heart delight
“LITTLE THINGS” I have hidden and kept out of sight

Why did I buy so many “LITTLE THINGS”
When walking why did I pick up “LITTLE THINGS” that no one notice

These “LITTLE THINGS” put a smile on my face
They make me feel pleasure in my heart
Then why did I store them away
Those “LITTLE THINGS” that make you say
What is this?

I enjoy my “LITTLE THINGS” so much
They are so pretty
I pick them up and hold them in my hand
They have no name they are just my “LITTLE THINGS”

I know you have some of those “LITTLE THINGS”
“LITTLE THINGS” that you have forgotten you had
When you first saw those “LITTLE THINGS”
They gave you pleasure
So why did you store them away?

Those “LITTLE THINGS” that gave you pleasure you soon put away
Because most around you are enjoying their “BIG THINGS”

“LITTLE THINGS” hidden away as time continues to past
Months and even years past and you forget those “LITTLE THINGS”
that gave you pleasure remains stored away

Then one day while looking for something else
You come across one of those “LITTLE THINGS”
And you say, oh I forgot that “LITTLE THING”

Once again I put my “LITTLE THINGS” away
Forgetting the pleasure my “LITTLE THINGS” can give to me

Then I sat in my little space and feel bored
I try to think of something to do
I turn on the TV but nothing interest me
I turn on some music but that wont do
I try to read but I can’t consecrate
I call a few friends but they are not at home
And when I cannot remember anymore phone numbers
I get my address and phone book and check out a few possibilities
But I can’t find anyone to talk with me

I look at the “BIG THINGS” that I have around me
But I find no pleasure in them they are always around me day and night
So I live through the day with nothing to do
I remember the pleasure my “LITTLE THINGS” gives me
So I sat out in my space on a “LITTLE THINGS” hunt

As I search I find “LITTLE THINGS” that I don’t remember
On my search for “LITTLE THINGS” I find the pleasure
that I put away with my “LITTLE THINGS”

As I received pleasure from looking at my “LITTLE THINGS”
I decided never again to store away my “LITTLE THINGS”
Because when I store away my “LITTLE THIGNS”
I store away pleasures that I could so easily experience
just from looking at my “LITTLE THIGNS”

There is a place beyond “Religion”
A place where “LITTLE THINGS” counts
A place like what happens between a newborn baby and the mother
A place where the mother gives her child life and asks noting in return
A place where the mother does not think of the pain she experience giving birth
A place beyond “RELIGION” where humans are like flowers
A place where a flower is loved just because it is a flower
What did a flower do to make anyone love it?
Why can’t I expect God to love me just because I belong to Him
On a field trip with God I found myself beyond “RELIGION”
Every time I found a “LITTLE THING” that couldn’t love me and I loved it
I went beyond “RELIGION”

I learned to love God because he is God
His blessing me, providing for me
is not my reason for loving HIM
How many women love men
who do not provide for them or protect them
How many put up with emotional and physical abuse in the name of love
How many parent put up with their children even when they do wrong
Was it “RELIGION” that caused God to send his Son to die for his children

On a field trip with God
He taken me beyond “RELIGION’
On a field trip with God we were just WALKING
On a field trip with God we were just TALKING
On a field trip with God we were not doing “RELIGION”

As I searched and found some of my “LITTLE THINGS”
As I searched I found the pleasure and joy I had stored away with my “LITTLE THINGS”

As I found “LITTLE THINGS” God asked me
“What are you going to do with your “LITTLE THINGS”?
I replied: Just enjoy looking at them and rearranging them from time to time
God asked me why
I said:
Because they are mine and I enjoy watching them, that is why
Then God said to me; you are my “LITTLE THING”
God said; I have many “BIG THINGS” you are just one of my “LITTLE THINGS”
God said: I have trillions of “BIG THINGS”
God said: I have the universe, the earth, and others planets
Many suns, many moons, many stares and more than your little mind can
God said: All My trillion plus “BIG THINGS” serve Me well, they serve you well
God said: All My “BIG THINGS” serve the purpose for which I created them
But not one of My “BIG THINGS” can LOVE Me
Not one of My “BIG THINGS” are created in My image

God said to me; I created my “BIG THINGS” to serve my “LITTLE THINGS”
I made my “LITTLE THINGS” special, I made them all in my likeness, in my image
I made trillions of little vessel, little containers

I filled all my vessels with love, (part of me); I created them to be like Me
My “BIG THINGS” don’t know how to love
My “BIG THINGS” responds to my LAWS
MY “BIG THINGS” knows exactly what to do and do it
My “LITTLE THINGS” are so confused they debate and have controversy
over what I want from them
They get “RELIGION” and can’t tell where “RELIGION” end
and where I begin
Since I gave them free will
They can remain in “RELIGION”
Refusing to go beyond “RELIGION”
Never seeing that they are my “LITTLE THINGS”




That feeling I get when I go on a field trip with God
That feeling I get when I appreciate “LITTLE THINGS”
That feeling I get when I see myself as one of God’s “LITTLE THINGS”
That feeling I get when God tells me in His own way what I mean to Him
In His own way to me He said:
You are precious to me. Let me tell you how and why
I sent my priceless (of inestimable worth), costly and expensive Son
to save you even before you were born
You are useful to Me
I have been able to use you to record a bit of what I have said to you for 23 years
to serve as an example of a personal relationship with Me
you are valuable to Me
because you have qualities and values that I can use to accomplish a purpose
I appreciate the long hours you spend with Me and my Son
I appreciate the faith you exercise in Me
You are profitable, I can use you to help others
I appreciate you walking with Me and my Son
listening to Us as We walk and talk

Remember how I feel about the flowers and birds
That is just a whisper of what I feel for you
Flowers and birds cannot respond to my love, they can’t love Me
You are able to respond to My love and you have
You have done exactly what I created you to do

Look at more of your “LITTLE THINGS”
and feel just one tenth of a ZILLION of what I feel for you

I would never have thought that to allow myself to display my “LITTLE THINGS”
Would enable me to understand how God feels about me

My “LITTLE THINGS” that I appreciate the most
are the lease impressive and the most insignificant

As I look at my “LITTLE THINGS”
I cherish them all, they are all special to me
I know that for me God feels the same way